Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HughesNet Satellite Internet Complaints

HughesNet aims its advertising campaigns at people who are unable to get cable or DSL. Life out in the country is great but there are many places where folks just can't get DSL or cable. The only alternatives are dial-up or satellite, meaning that satellite is the only choice if you really need to use your Internet connection.

Notice that HughesNet doesn't say "We are better than DSL or cable!" or "The best high-speed you can get!" No, they say "Don't settle for dial-up, get your net via satellite!"

If you have any choice at all avoid satellite internet. Read about the complaints and problems with HughesNet customer service. Remember, and this is the scary part, HughesNet IS THE SATELLITE PROVIDER. All others are 'middle men' and lease service from HughesNet satellites.

"When you call them up on the phone you will get someone in another country who can barely even speak English. You have to repeat what you are trying to say over and over and they usually still cant understand. I can barely understand what they are saying either. I have went to the Hughesnet website and contacted them with my complaints several different times – but not once have they ever replied back!" - Unhappy Customer with no choice Hughesnet is a Terrible Company with Terrible Service

"My main gripe with HughesNet is their over subscribing. When we move out to the country and got this service Apr of 2010, I knew from the get-go that it was going to a far cry different experience from the Comcast internet service we had when we lived in town. But I said, hey 1.5 Mbps shouldn’t be all that bad. I regularly perform speed test. We never even get anywhere near that speed. Just before typing this I checked and it was 55.25 KBps. The best we’ve ever gotten is 225 KBps." - b1lancer