Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pipe O' Peace and Indian Tobacco Ads

Vintage Prince Albert ads using Native Americans

It may be difficult to read the text on these so I have written it along with each image:

A Jimmy Pipe O' Peace

Prince Albert
the national joy smoke

Has put the "Indian Sign" on all the tongue-broiling, smartweed brands. P.A. can't bite your tongue nor any man's, patented process removes the sting.

Prince Albert
the national joy smoke

The braves who have gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds haven't anything on the wisenheimers of this world who are next to the joys of smoking Price Albert. Get your heavenly smoke now. The bite is taken out by a patented process.

A lot of these ads would be considered offensive these days. Truth is an ad like the next one was always offensive if you happened to be or to care about "Native Americans".

Here is the ad copy from the one on the right:

P.A. is the "Big Smoke Medicine"

Prince Albert has soothed all kinds of pipe grouches for all kinds of men. One of the most interesting cases is that of the American Indians on the reservations. These direct descendants of the original jimmy pipers have taken to Prince Albert the national joy smoke with the same enthusiasm their forefathers took after paleface scalps.

P.A. is the "Big Smoke Medicine" in the lodges of hundreds of thousands of men of al races. You can smoke P.A. without feeling your scalp come up or your tongue blister. The bite is removed by that wonderful patented process that makes P.A. different, distinct, delicious.

Sold everywhere in toppy red bags, 5c; tidy red tins, 10c; pound and half pound humidors.

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