Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sun the Moon and the Truth

"Three things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth."

~ Buddha ~
According to Buddha, "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." While the quote sounds deep and meaningful it is far from the truth, or 'reality'. Let's just look at it; the sun, the moon and the truth cannot be hidden.

The sun and the moon can sometimes be hidden temporarily by cloud cover or eclipse but for all intents and purposes they cannot really be hidden. But what if a person had been placed in an indoor prison and spent the remainder of their life without ever viewing the outdoors or the sky? Would the moon not be long hidden? In contrast, the truth is all too often hidden whether it be by chance or design.

If the truth were as unhidden as the moon and the sun imagine the vast differences there would be in the world. More often than not the truth comes to us in reflections and in bits and pieces.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly."

I am all for peace and love and being good to your neighbor but I have to disagree with you Buddha. I like your little statues, but comparing the transparency and availability of truth to that of the sun and moon? Every day untold truths are hidden or lost forever.

Who killed Kennedy? What happened to that Lindbergh baby? What was all that stuff going on at Roswell in 1947? How did Marilyn die? Is God real? How were the pyramids built? How did life begin? How did the Earth, even the Universe come into existence? Do ghosts really exist?  Why are there so many different kinds of pickles on the store shelf? I could continue with things that we do not, or can not possibly, know the truth about.

Look in your own personal life; there is much truth that is hidden there as well.

Truth is a Treasure
Truth is a treasure that we must seek and not something that you just look up into the sky and see. The truth does not come delivered so easily dear Buddha. The quote may seem cute and quaint but it is far from wise in my opinion.

Books have been written about the questions I listed above. For a very long time mankind (and womankind) have wrestled with questions like these and searched for the truth. Of course there were, and still are, plenty of those who did the opposite and dedicated their lives to hiding the truth, or at least those parts of it they found inconvenient.

There you go! Some people would write about nearly anything and others may even read some of it who knows. Well, you never know what I might decide to write about here. Hey, most of the time I have very little idea myself what I will write about until after I sit down to it. But the good thing is that I am not writing to please anyone and so it  doesn't really matter.

So for those who did actually read this, what do you think? Is the truth easy to find and impossible to hide for long? Sometimes the truth is so obvious that it can be seen by all, sometimes the truth takes a bit of digging and thought, other times the truth takes knowing the "right" person, yet other times the truth is unknowable.

David Slone, Copyright 2011


  1. Thank you for your comments about truth, with which I totally agree!! This quote from Buddha (as it has been recorded) is simply not true from my perspective either. I'm not sure if I would so vehemently disagree with the quote if it were modified to read " "Three things cannot be forever hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." This sounds a bit more plausible, but is less powerful. Who hangs around for ever, after all? Since Buddha's teachings were passed down by oral tradition, maybe a few words got changed. At any rate, you deserve credit for questioning rather than just parroting! Even Buddha said, never believe anything - even if I have said it - if it does not prove true for you!

  2. Good argument but "the truth" is a word Buddhists often use to explain enlightenment. To say it stands for the concealment of facts about something such as the death of Kennedy is a bit of a misinterpretation. Of course, it doesn't help that the quote has been simplified! Here it is in it's original text:

    "Monks, there are these three things which are practiced in secret, not openly. What are they?

    The ways of womenfolk are secret, not open. Brahmins practice their chants in secret, not openly. Those of perverse views [that's philosophically rather than sexually perverse views, I assume] hold their views secretly, not openly. These are the three things…

    Monks, there are these three things which shine forth for all to see, which are not hidden. Which three?

    The disc of the moon shines for all to see; it is not hidden. The disc of the sun does likewise. The Dhamma-Discipline [dhamma-vinaya] of a Tathagata [Buddha] shines for all to see; it is not hidden. These are the three things."

    1. nothing like context to clarify things! ty!

    2. Perhaps you missed the idea that this is a HUMOR article. Some of you people are taking it a bit too serious :)

  3. I guess when you turned the question perspective around, what the truth might mean is the truth about one self, not the truth about what happen out there. And if you ask yourself the truth about you, would you hide the answer if you don't wan't anyone to know? Because soon it cannot be long hidden either they find out or you just can't live in a lie anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. I'd like to add and complete the sentences, if one cannot simply understand how the moon and the sun works, then one just can't simply understand the simple truth.

  5. Hello Red Blood and thank you for your comments. Please keep in mind that this was written from a viewpoint of humor and satire.

  6. Truth is a reality however