Monday, October 22, 2012

I Met Her In The Kitchen There By The Time Clock OR So Long Paintsville Shoney's!

It had been exactly 7 years since the day we first met, since the first day I had looked into her eyes. Now, here we were plus 2 children and it was time again to celebrate "mommy and daddy's special day." Yes, we have always included the whole gang.

We went to Wendy's. I placed the order and the first thing they did was to put our fries on the tray on the counter. Several minutes went by as I waited there for our sammidges and other stuff. Finally she brought them up to the counter. I picked up a fry and bit it. I said, "excuse me but can we get fresh fries? These have been sitting here so long they're actually cold." No problem, they replaced the fries.

The "Spot" these days is covered by a Wendy's
I took everything to the table and we started setting it all out. She took a bite of her chicken sandwich and it was a bit raw in the middle. I took it back to the counter and asked for a manager. He asked me if I wanted a new chicken sandwich or a different one. I told him that I would like to have the entire meal replaced. By the time they got the sandwich made all our food would sitting on the table and all that. Then she would be eating her chicken sandwich after everything else had gotten cold or we would all eat and then be waiting for her to and so on.