Saturday, June 7, 2014

No Help For You If You Waste Money On Tobacco Or Alcohol

Should Welfare Recipients be Tested for Tobacco and Alcohol?

I have been hearing a lot lately about how folks think welfare recipients should be drug tested before they can continue to get their so-called hand outs.

The supposed logic here is that if folks can afford to use drugs they shouldn't get assistance. OK, lets follow that logic on a bit and see where it goes...

Look at how expensive tobacco is! Following the "drug test or no help" logic... If folks can afford to buy cigarettes should they get help or assistance? I mean, hey, if mom and dad smoke they can easily spend in excess of $200 in a single month! And what about booze? If a couple both drink and smoke it can easily run into hundreds of dollars every month.

There is evidence to indicate that drugs, tobacco and alcohol aren't the only things people are wasting their money on!

  • What if they spend too much money on lottery tickets at the store?
  • What if they spend too much money eating out at restaurants?
  • What if they are wasting money on fuel driving to places where they don't really need to go?
  • What if those people are buying plastic "Made In China" junk from Wal-mart that they have no real use for?

There's one in the spotlight! He don't look right to me! Get him up against the wall!

Hmmm, perhaps we need to have everyone tested for everything and keep a detailed list of what they buy so we can determine whether or not they deserve help. Just be careful and don't spend too much on extras like salt and sugar or gravy because "they" may not be watching you all the time but they have folks writing everything down!

I can see a young lady sitting in an office nervously waiting for word about her medical card or food stamp application while the clerk looks over her files on her computer. The clerk, with tightened lower lip and stern judging eyes, talks to her about all the money she has wasted at restaurants, getting her hair done, dry cleaning, and all the wasted gas out joy riding, smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo... Well, anyway I am sure that most of you get it loud and clear.

The truth is that "they" aren't really concerned about the actual drug use (which is a sad thing). No, they are only interested in it because it is something they can grasp and use to reduce the money spent on these programs. It is like a feather in their hat. It is a flag that they can wave around while they say something like:
"Look, we are saving money. We are reducing the money we have been wasting on the poor and unfortunate."

It is all so some politician can stand up and say:
"the blah blah state budget has been relieved of $50,000,000! Look at me! Aint I just dandy? You sure are lucky you voted for me!"

Meanwhile they will go on to waste and squander our money and resources in the usual manner. And every year billions and billions worth of Federal Reserve notes and perks will be handed out to the rich via subsidies and other sweet back room deals while they cry:

"It's the social welfare programs! They are breaking us up!"

Maybe it is time to get the politics and the games out of government? And while we're at it let's get the stink out of poop!

Come on what do you think? Everyone's opinions will be approved unless you use profanity or hate/insult/irrelevant. Disagree as you may but don't forget there is a slight bit o' humor here so don't get too picky.