Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sea Monkeys The Shocking Truth

I wonder how many people saw advertisements like the one below when they were kids and just had to have them. Sea Monkeys were an awesome idea! Imagine having these smart little creatures living in our room while we trained them to do tricks. Oh to be promised a handful of pets that are both smart and so eager to please! I had to have them didn't you?

I suppose I was in about the 3rd grade when I finally convinced my mother to allow me to order some sea monkeys of my very own. You can hardly imagine how excited I was and how much more so as the days went by. Everyday I would think about it in school and as soon as I got home I would ask if my Sea Monkeys had gotten here yet. "No, not yet. Maybe tomorrow"

Eventually the day came and there they were with the rest of the mail. I looked at the packaging and
read everything "Wonderful World" "Amazing" "Happiness" It was all just too good to be true! I followed the instructions and had to wait yet again. But my sea monkey friends would soon be there and I would live out the rest of my life with my so eager to please pets.

Now for the the shocking truth and I must warn you that what follows is the naked truth. Here is what a sea monkey really looks like. I should also inform you that those sea monkeys are very unresponsive to training.

If you are looking around for the perfect pet and you are thinking of things like flying squirrels, sea monkeys, kangaroo rats, or cats... well you can mark the sea monkey off your list because they are not the cute and cuddly critters they have been represented to be.

Hmmmm... Perhaps if we built a large wooden Sea Monkey and... Run away!

Now, just in case anyone is interested to hear the other side of the story you can go to the Sea Monkey pushers website

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  1. I remember those. I thought about ordering them when I was a kid but never did do it.

  2. I was the same age when I got mine and I already knew what they would look like when I got them while they're not cuddly or cute you can't say they're not cool and the web site even says they don't look like the pictures and that the illustrations are to portray how energetic and lively they are rather then what they actually look like none the less I was upset when they died because at the time I didn't know they needed air but you just wait for the water to dry up and add fresh bottled water and aerate the tank and more sea monkeys will hatch I liked the fact that I didn't have to buy another starter pack but anyway I think sea monkeys are cool low matenence pets that also are a good conversation starter when I have friends over to my apartment they are surprised to hear that I got my tank 11 years agoand that I haven't had to add more eggs just buy a pack of growth food a year, aerate the water and they'll live forever