Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thinking is Now Obsolete Thanks to Me!

There's No Need to Think! Trust The Church of the Old School Hat!

Finally there is no longer a need for you to waste your valuable time and energy thinking and forming opinions! We do all the thinking for you which frees you up with more time to do the things you enjoy.

We have all heard about the good old days so there can be no doubt that they once existed. I myself can recall several of them.

Hey! Did you know that if something is new it is automatically better? New things are much smarter, more intelligent and even better looking than older ones. Everybody knows that right? New ideas, new coke, new math, new president, new flavor of chips... new is always so much better and tastier! Wrong! Go on get out of here and collect more experience points before returning to my podium!

You shall not pass lest you be cast into the chasm of eternal stench. However, if you are willing to confess that the old stuff is often the best you are qualified to join the church of the Old School Hat. The good old days can be right now for you if you join the Church of the Old School Hat.