Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ye Olde Thinkin Spotte

Now right here is a spot (blogspot that is) where I just lay back and write whatever I feel like. It's just a thinkin' spot, in fact it is Ye Olde Thinkin Spotte.

I don't have to worry about whether it is interesting or entertaining because over the course of the lifetime of the Internet's existence this will be read an estimated 27 times. Actually the page will at least attempt to load 27 times and out of those clicks maybe 3 viewers will read these words. I could just as easily have written "these turds" as no one will notice anyway.

So, what does it matter right? I mean its like I am free! No one to judge me and to say oh that story just isn't any good. Or this is getting boring can you type about something else? What would be much better though would be if I were to just type away blindly and publish. Never go back to proof read or spell check just click that publish button like its a finish line. Well, it would certainly be more efficient and there would be no one other than an occasional errant pelican who would notice anyway.

Regardless I still manage to churn out such interesting and fascinating treatises on the conditions of mankind in the cosmos that I surprise even myself. The stories and analogies and grand volumes that I come up with would amaze and even astound anyone. Oh they are wonderful indeed! But I always forget to write them down so nobody believes me.

Hey Alright!

Lucky Day I am Taking Donations!

Hoo Haa!

I would also like to announce officially to my base of readers here that I will be accepting donations the purpose of which will be to obtain a thinking brain dog to help me though the daily chores of life.

I heard somewhere that thinking brain dogs are really cool but I don't have enough money to buy one so I thought donations would be the best way to go. I tried working but I can only get jobs that include cleaning toilets and that is against my religion. I will not violate my vows of toilebacy. 

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  1. Some one please give this poor man some money. can not you see that he really needs this thinking brain dog I mean just think how much he would be better off with this dog. then again he may just drive that poor dog crazy just as he will you if you read this page