Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can You Dig It? Dig My World

Well, here I am in front of who knows who but you.

Here I begin the things I will do here if I do things here.

I live in my world and this is where you can dig it

When I was a kid "dig" was a word that we used a lot. If you understood what someone said or meant you might say, "I can dig it", or you might just nod your head and say, "dig". "Dig" could also be used to express agreement or approval.

If you found yourself in the strange circumstance of viewing this blog you will read about what I think about this crazy world. Can you dig it?

Yeah, we all know that the late 1960s and early 1970s was the coolest time of all. No one would think of suggesting otherwise I'm sure. Look around, if you haven't already. So many of the styles of "the day" are coming back (and have been for years) and this goes not only for clothing styles but language/slang, music, toys, architecture/design and even technology. Yeah, vinyl records are back! How much longer do we wait for 8 track tapes?

A teenager hears a "new" song on the radio. "Dad! Check out the new song!" She gets, "Oh, well that is a remake from when I was your age..."

The same kid comes home from school and says, "We have this new expression the kids made up at school!" When they tell you the new slang you tell them that was commonly used when you were their age.

When I was growing up it seemed that everyone in my generation wanted to get away from the styles and music behind us. "We" forged a new style of music into rock and roll, hip hop, jazz, etc as well as clothing and breakfast cereals (just checking to be sure you are still reading)... NOW, that is, today's generation has gone back to the previous generation for artistic inspiration... errr uhh is it just a ploy by advertising executives and marketers to sell stuff?
Can you dig it?

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