Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Candy and 'Tater Chips Courtesy of the Tax Payers

Why is it that people are allowed to buy candy, cookies, pop/soda, potato chips and things like that with Food Stamps? It just doesn't make a bit of sense to me.

I completely understand that a lot of folks need things like Food Stamps to help out but this is ridiculous! Why should the government, i.e. the tax payers, have to pay for this stuff? I am beginning to think it is all just a big money making racket (surprise!) for marketers.

Could I be the only one who feels outraged by this? Could I be the only one who has noticed it? I have no doubt that many, many others feel the same way.

If anyone is offended by this then something is very badly wrong. Food Stamps are intended to help families to feed themselves... Wait, if that were really true then you would not be able to buy a shopping buggy full of Mountain Dew, Dorito's, Oreos and candy bars! And so many people do that!
In a country where obesity and diabetes are continually growing problems should the government be handing out free sweets and treats to the poor and less fortunate? NO! There are so many things that just do not make sense and this is a big one.

So, what do you think? Is it OK for folks to buy this stuff with Food Stamps?


  1. They shouldnt be able to get coffee or energy drinks either. Funny thing is they can get this stuff but not soap or diapers or medicines...

  2. very much agreed on this. I think that things like toilt paper, soap and things that are needed just as much as main food should be able to be bought. They have a thing that can do that called K-tap but you have to do some thing like commuity work. but this is seprate then the FS. I feel bad to say that I have done the same thing with food stamps not as much as some but it is still bad enough and I have thought the same thing as well that it is not right.