Friday, September 24, 2010

Grandsons Bluegrass Music and Fishing

My daughter recently moved much closer to me than she has been in quite some time. Now, instead of a 3 hour drive it takes just a few minutes to get to her house. I am thankful to have my grandsons so near, now maybe we can really get to know and enjoy each other more than just an occasional, and rushed, visit.

My older grandson is excited about two things; fishing and bluegrass festivals, he loves both and has hardly stopped talking about them since he learned they were moving. He doesn't seem to be too excited about the new school but I am trying to encourage him. Most of us know how scary it can be for a kid starting a new school, especially in the middle of the school year. But I think he will be fine and he will like this new school even better than the old one once he gets settled in.

Well, we have already went out to the lake so he could do some practice casting and we have plans to hit the lake more intently soon. The weather is getting cool and it is a great time to sit out by the edge of the lake and enjoy the Earth!

Today we have a bluegrass festival to attend. He loves bluegrass music and has since he was very small. It was odd but nice, he was barely two years old the first time he heard bluegrass and he just took a liking to it right away. Maybe I will see about getting him some private music lessons. It really does my heart good to see young people enjoying such traditions as bluegrass music and festivals. Not too long ago there was a youth contest at one particular bluegrass festival and there were children as young as 8 or 9 who were 'burning it up' on banjo, mandolin, fiddle and guitar. It is truly an awesome thing to see these kids who are so talented and dedicated. ( Children Love Bluegrass Music )

My other grandson is still in diapers but I look forward to the times when he can get out and enjoy all that life has to offer too. I am sure that all three of us will be sitting by the waters edge fishing and sharing tales, attending bluegrass festivals, hitting the amusement parks and so much more. Great stuff to look forward too!

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