Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Many Cops Routinely Break the Law

Last month I wrote about a problem with the law - Arrested and Forced to Pay Up Again - where I was actually arrested for a fine that I had already paid years ago. Here is a bit of an update about how it went when I appeared in court.

After I paid the fine for the second time the judge told me I was free to leave. I turned around and started to walk out of the area and realized that I hadn't gotten any sort of receipt. I turned back around and walked back up toward the judges bench and said that I would like a receipt. I told her that I didn't want to go through the same thing again or get arrested on my way home. They were all taken aback and acted as though it was quite a strange thing for someone to request a receipt! At first the judge didn't know what to do but then she had them photocopy some form which she signed.

I said, "I'm not going to try to take up any of your time your honor but while I am waiting for that receipt I want to say a few things." I told her about how the police officer was going at 73 mph in a 55 mph zone while taking me to jail and how he had left my wife and kids sitting by the Interstate out in the middle of nowhere. I told her that I really felt the entire thing was completely unfair and that we all saw cops speeding and breaking traffic laws often. She said I was wrong and that cops didn't speed or break any traffic laws unless they were on an emergency and perhaps off to save a life. I disagreed. I told her (loud enough for all in the courtroom to hear) that we had all seen it many times. Police officers routinely run red lights and stop signs, they fail to give turn signals, they pull out in front of you, they tail gate and they exceed the speed limit.

Not too long ago I was coming home late one night, just going up a country road with my wife and children. In the rear-view mirror I saw a set of very bright headlights coming up fast. It was foggy and the road was very curvy so even 55 mph (the posted speed limit) was a little too fast. Anyway, the car in the rear-view closed in on us and soon they were right on my bumper! I was starting to get a bit angry because this was definitely unsafe and that driver was risking the life and safety of me and my family. I kept easing off the gas pedal slowing down gradually until I was doing about 25 mph. The driver behind me then flashed on his blue lights, it was a Kentucky State Trooper! He asked for license and insurance and then told us to be careful.

I know there are some good cops out there and over the years I have met a few of them. But when people like me drive around and we see law enforcement breaking laws and endangering the lives of others for no reason it really makes us angry!

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  1. Yeah we all see this I am sure! I think cops are among the worst when it comes to obeying traffic rules