Monday, January 2, 2012

You Pay For This But They Give You That (Those Darn Crooks and Liars!)

"You pay for this but they give you that..." ~ Neil Young

Here is the delicious looking snack I saw and which caused me to decide to order. Mmmm mmmm! Look how good that looks!

When they brought my plate of chicken and fixins out and set it on the counter I was a little stunned. In that plate were the tiniest peices of chicken I had seen since I was a kid and we had baney roosters running around in the yard!

I asked the lady to please exchange that chicken for some bigger peices. I pointed up at the menu and remarked about how big and juicy the chicken in the pictures was.

She mumbled something, took the plate and went back top the chicken cabinet. What she brought back out to me was a bit bigger but not much. What I got was definitely not even close to the mouth watering picture.

AND look at the size of that ole biscuit!

So what do y'all think? Should a restaurant be able to do this to us? Why should they be allowed to "sell you this but give you that'?? It should be illegal and fines should be slapped on McDonals, FKC and any other crap business who practices this.

Make it stop! write your congressman, call your friends, shout it from the roof tops and post it on Facebook! We've had enough of the lies! I want that juicy chicken dinner that I see in that picture!


  1. This was my actual dinner! Boy was I starved after I ate every bite of that.

  2. HA! I just noticed that someone thought this was stupid! Now that is funny right there! Somebody out there thinks it is stupid for me to want what is on the ad. What a world I reckon!