Thursday, April 21, 2011

Death in the Valley and the Old Home Place Forever Gone

Picture beautiful fields, woods and hillsides out in the country stretching out behind a small house where a mister and the misses had lived and raise their children and grandchildren. For over 50 years they lived there as their children and grandchildren grew up and moved away to exotic locales like Indiana and Michigan. They visited from time to time and that was nice. But now the old man and his wife could sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet and wonder of their home. The home where there parents had lived and raised their children.

The cruel hand of fate came into the valley, or perhaps the almighty saw need to call but either way that sweet granny died. The old man was so broken hearted and so beyond alone that he died too just days later. People have different ways of dealing with death and sometimes they just go with it. The birds were singing in the trees basking in the sunshine and the wind was gently pushing the branches of the tree out front by the gate back and forth. It was almost as if nothing had happened. Almost like the world was going to continue on without the old couple who had put their hearts and souls into the house and the land. Almost like they never existed. Time didn't even slow down for them. Nature really is a cruel thing.

Oh, but that was a few years ago. The heirs sold the house, the land, the equipment and other things, all of it. They sold it and divided the money among themselves fairly and equally. The land was broken up into lots. the house demolished and most of the trees cut down. Some of them partied and had a good ole time. Others got themselves caught up on their bills and maybe got something for the kids. Maybe others donated it or shared it with others. Who knows, but very soon the money was all spent and the old man and his wife were gone forever. We don't even know their names... But every now and then someone will be driving by and they will look over at the trailer court and the car wash and the garbage and they will say, "Ya know, I remember when that was one of the most beautiful farms in the county."

I left out names for the old man and his wife intentionally here. I did that because this story is bigger than any one person or a name. The same scenario has played out many times.

If I ever get to the point to where I know I have little time left and I have possessions I want certain people to have I will give it to them before I die. Or maybe I will just up and sell everything and and have a big party with dancing girls and spend it all the day before I die.

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