Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What if Man Walked With The Dinosaurs?

I like to wonder about a lot of "What if?" type questions and consider any evidence or clues that may be found. Lately the History Channel is loaded with programs that appeal to these types of questions. What if aliens from outer space interacted with human beings and affected our development and growth? What if the ancients possessed knowledge and technology that had been since "lost" for centuries? And another that was very interesting What if mankind disappeared? i.e. Life Without People.

It is a natural condition of man (or woman) to wonder about such questions. Did ancient man wonder and try to understand his own ancient past and beginnings? I believe that he did. He looked up into the skies and deeply into the forests for clues and lessons. He also passed down an ever changing ever growing body of knowledge on to each succeeding generation. We can never know how many myths, legends and stories have completely died; lost forever among the memories of the dead. Fortunately there are a great many documents, works of art, structures, etc. left and almost certainly many more yet to be discovered that will give us glimpses into the human of the ancient past.

Take a look at this picture.

A dinosaur in a cave drawing? Wow! There has been a debate for a long time now with many holding the view that humans and dinosaurs actually co-existed for a period of time. While I have heard of the notion, even years ago, I have never really studied the theory. But just a quick glance over the Could Dragons Have Been Dinosaurs? article it really makes one wonder and definitely merits a further investigation. It could very well be that myths and legends of dragons were spawned from memories of the last big dinosaurs. And perhaps it was man who hunted them down and destroyed the last few survivors - as is often told in the dragon slaying tales... Think... think... think...


  1. Very cool and does make your mind wounder if you are open mined I have always wondered and believe that man and Dinosaurs did live at the same time period.

  2. I dont know about that supposed cave art, that dino just doesnt look right. Are you sure that is an "authentic" cave drawing?