Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Help Help I'm Being Offended!

When folks disagree with me or have a different
 viewpoint I get all fired up mad
Do you get offended when you see something that you don't agree with? If you are talking with a friend or family member and the subject of religion comes up does it often end up in an argument or hurt feelings? When someone else makes a statement (or a post on their Facebook, MySpace, or similar profile) concerning their religious beliefs do you get mad?

I enjoy discussing, reading and writing about Biblical topics and about religion in general. Supposedly religion and the like are 'touchy' subjects and one can't talk about them because of the risks of offending someone. "Help help! I'm being offended!"

*Somehow, and perhaps I am being too optimistic here, but I believe mature, intelligent people should be capable of discussing or sharing ideas and viewpoints without wanting to get into a fist fight or a yelling contest whenever someone disagrees or questions. We are different people and there is no way that we will ever agree on everything. So just face it from the start, there will be differences but we don't have to be the same to get along or even to be friends (or family members eek!).

For most of my life I have heard a saying, "Politics and religion are two things that should never be discussed," talk about the news, laugh about someone else's misfortune or their lack of something you deem important, talk about sports scores and plays for hours, but don't talk about religion. Well, I say, "that's crazy talk y'all!"

Grown adults should be able to talk about and discuss whatever subject interests them WITHOUT getting all pissed up and upset when others don't see eye to eye or have a different version to offer. In fact this is one trait that all of my close and true friends share; the ability to talk and discuss and disagree without foaming at the mouth and wanting to choke each other to death.

I can remember more than just a few times that I would be talking to someone about the Bible and if I didn't agree, or even if I just questioned something they said, they would soon get angry. I'm not kidding you at all, I have seen bulging eyes and red faces and heard some yelling and hollering just because I didn't agree with someone else's point of view or "belief" about the Bible. They reacted as though I were attacking their very religion or even the Bible itself just by asking a question.

When someone asks you to explain why you believe a certain way you do, don't be offended. If you are in truth believing in the right thing you have nothing to worry about right? Regardless of whether or not I believe you you are all set with no need to get angry (afraid). If you are confident about something being the truth then it should be seen as an opportunity when someone asks about it, right? I mean you have an opportunity to 'enlighten' someone so why would you get mad?

And remember to SHARE your beliefs and opinions and not to SHOVE them.

There is a difference and the line can be thin.

The Shover
Let me tell ya son! You better believe everything I say and
you better not disagree or ask questions either!
Above all take care not to make the mistake of forming your opinions and beliefs before you have actually read and thought deeply about them. I am sorry to say it but we cannot simply trust in what we grew up hearing nor can we blindly believe whatever is coming from the pulpit.

Just because mama and grandma believed it doesn't make it so. I love my mom and grandmother but I am in search of the truth, not a family tradition. Now, I'm not saying your family didn't teach you the right way nor am I saying they were all wrong. I'm only saying that you should think about it and not take it all for granted.

A few years ago I was talking with a friend of mine and he said something about how he knew that we were living in the last days. He said that in the Bible it is written "that in the last days the president of the United States will be a man who was once an actor". I was stunned. What? No, the Bible doesn't say anything like that. He started to get offended and said that he knew it did because his granny had read it to him. Now, I don't know what happened there but I did know enough not to push it. I could go no further without seeming to attack his granny so we talked of other things. You might think I made that up but I didn't. You never know what might happen somewhere... you never know who is telling somebody what... or even if they're listenin'.

Remember - The company of those seeking the truth is much preferred to that of those who think they have already found it. (Thanks Terry Pratchett)

Here are just a few more resources for those interested:







"Did you guys know that the name “Jesus” is only about 600 years old, the letter “J” didn’t even exist prior to that. The problem is that “Jesus” lived about 2000 years ago so how could that have been His name? Why do people adopt this false name? Perhaps its a lack of knowledge. Shouldn’t we be calling him by the name that the apostles used? In the book of Peter it says that there is only ONE name through which we must be saved!" - from The Name of Jesus

"We begin the process of becoming critical readers of the Bible the first time we are dissatisfied with being told what the text means and decide to see for ourselves." - Robert M. Price The Bible Skeptic
"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." ~ Genesis 6:4.
"Legends throughout the world have spoken of a race of giants that once walked the Earth. Before the Bible was even conceived of, there were oral histories passed down from generation to generation in Sumer (Mesopotamia), Greece, Rome, Egypt, as well as others. Many of these legends speak of powerful gods and goddesses that were larger than life." - Did Giants Once Walk the Earth?

* This is a test of the emergency footnote system. If there had actually been a footnote you would have found it here.




  1. I only read about half this crap but I can tell you that you are clueless and you wasted my time with this junk.

  2. Well Josh, if you are trying to make me mad you haven't done it yet. Not sure why you wasted even more time by posting a comment but that's cool.

  3. Great stuff, I couldnt keep from laughing out several different times. I had to let my room mate come over to see what I was laughing about. We have this same argument all the time. He gets mad anytime I don't agree with or believe what he says. Also he is Catholic and I am somewhat of an atheist

  4. This blog was great! Said so much of what I am thinking most of the time during religious discussions. I think when people are convinced that their belief is more than just that..a belief..the problems begin. None of us have all the answers, and I would be a little terrified of the one who claimed to! There are things I read that are distasteful for sure...but it doesn't "offend" me.