Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gee Mommy You Sure Love Marlboro!

Some of these old advertisements are hilarious. A baby endorsing cigarettes? Imagine! The miracle of Marlboro!

Somebody help me over here. I am getting too much oxygen/ I know cigarettes are expensive but could you just exhale toward me? Let me move down wind a bit... There! Ahhhh, now that's almost like having a smoke of my own!

Remember folks, in todays economy second hand smoke can be a good thing! I get my nicotine fix and it doesn't cost a thing. This sort of life isn't without its dangers and risks though... oh no... Sitting just downwind of a smoker isn't a good place to be if that smoker has bad gas or even worse body odor. The best is when you can find a whole group of people smoking. Just wonder around in circles breathing in that free second hand smoke.

Note - the fella that wrote this doesn't smoke cigarettes but he is quite sarcastic at times!

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