Monday, April 18, 2011

People Who Actually Claim to Be Vampires?

Recently I was watching the news and there was another thing about some kids who thought they were vampires. Are you kidding me? When I was a kid we pretended like we were cowboys, or Indians, or even monsters or aliens so I thought well, OK I reckon that's a normal thing, But then I realized that these "kids" were teenagers and some even older than that! And they actually believe they are vampires?

Ok just between you and I (You being the 3 or 4 people who might see this blog, you know who you are so don't try to duck down) I think this is crazy. While I can agree and go along with the idea that ghosts and other strange phenomenon are happening "out there" and yeah there just might be something in Loch Ness or on Planet 9, but vampires?

It reminds me of a song... Crazy... Crazy for thinking I'm a vampire.... Crazy.... I'm crazy for suckin' on you...

Now, if you think this is nuts and you are one of the people who has actually visited this page you qualify to check this out. This is some serious stuff for some of these people:

People Claiming to Be Vampires?

I'm telling you what now people this is some crazy stuff and it might be going on in your neighborhood right now.


  1. Playing around is one thing but when somebody gets it in their head that they are a real vampire and they start wanting to slurp up blood... Well the bats out of the cage isn't it?

  2. My brother told me about this one guy he met. I will never forget the thing my brother told me that this guy did. I never knew that people could be so sick and twisted, and this completely screwed up in the head, but boy was I wrong. This guy claimed to be a vampire. Note that this guy is over 30 years old. The guy said that he would cut girls' nipples off and suck their blood from it. I don't know if this guy just thinks he did that or whether he actually did that but either way he needs to be institutionalized. Also, my brother said he read a "vampire bible". Didn't know there was such a thing.

  3. in the human body there is a dorment vampiric gene and werewolf gene my friend devons is semi active he howls at the moon when he see's it not purposley he just gets the urge and he hates the light and when he picks up an onion it burns his skin and leaves a red mark

  4. i thought it was garlic that burns -_-