Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make Mine a Traveling Bug - A VW Bug That Is

I have been lucky enough to have gotten to travel a lot growing up. The downside is that I am always wanting to go somewhere but in recent years there seems to be so much less time for it.

When I was a kid my dad got the idea to go to Virginia Beach. He was a super spontaneous person and wanted to head out that very day. We all got ready and packed up and left for Virginia Beach and drove all night. Unfortunately the jellyfish were running early that year and the shoreline was full of them. I was stung numerous times and as did many others I ran yelling from the water. Some types of jellyfish are very aggressive and they sting!

Another time my dad and I went up to Canada to do some fishing and camping. I loved it. We rented a canoe and went out onto the backwaters among the lily pads. I saw a few fish that I had never seen before and we had a great time.

Later on, after I was grown, I took a road trip into Canada in an old VW Beetle. I have always been a big fan of the classic air cooled VWs but this one was drafty and the weather was really cold. It was just before Spring, I should have waited a couple more months. But even though I was a bit cold I still enjoyed that Beetle. I wish I had it back...

Get yourself a copy of How To Keep Your Valkswagen Alive: A manual of Step by Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot from

I spent a few years in the military and as they promised I got to travel and see things. Unfortunately all military bases are pretty much the same and going to such "exotic" places as Fort Hood, Texas isn't quite as fun as hitting the open highway in your old VW.

I drove a nice VW bus for awhile. I did a lot of camping and traveling in that groovy ride, it was a second home to me for a long time! How I miss it.

I am looking for a decent fixer upper in the Ohio - Indiana - Kentucky - West Virginia area. If anyone knows of one get to me in the comment form.

Top Air Cooled Volkswagen websites:

Here are a couple videos for y'all

Make Mine a Volkswagen!

My dream vehicle right here. Would prefer a different color but man!

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  1. I owned a bug when I was in college. I miss it too and every time I see an old bug it reminds me of those great days