Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drugging the Children for Over 200 Years

 If you thought the notion of drugging our children was a new one... well... you might be surprised because it has been going on a long while. It has just gotten more "high tech" and controlled now. School counselors and doctors team up with pharmaceutical companies to spread the word like Paul Revere with the call of "Take a pill!" "Take a pill!"

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In 1885 it was quite common for parents to administer preparations that included drugs such as laudanum, morphine and other opiates, and cocaine.

If a child is misbehaving or just isn't paying attention enough we must give them a prescription. When I was a kid we got a paddling. We were taken to the front of the class while everyone watched and whacked with a wooden paddle.

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 There were always kids who could barely keep from laughing but they dared not lest they might get some of that wood too. Don't get me wrong, I was more often than not on the receiving end of that paddle myself. I felt I had earned the right to snicker a bit under my breath.

If your child is depressed and quiet someone may want to prescribe them a drug to get them going. If a child is too active and maybe difficult to control someone will want to prescribe a drug to calm them down.

Modern medicine can be a great thing. No doubt that lives are saved, prolonged and made better. But even then medicine and drugs are not the only alternative. Especially when it comes to your children.

If others are pressuring you to put your child on medication for a behavioral problem then please weigh all the risks and benefits and be as sure as you can that they truly need that medication. Get a second or even a third opinion and learn as much as you can. It is a serious and far reaching decision.
"...Giving antidepressants to anyone who is not actually suffering from depression can take a temporary upset and turn it into a full-blown problem. A reputable doctor will be cautious in prescribing medications and perform all necessary tests before doing so. If medication is warranted, side effects should be monitored carefully. This holds true of all patients... Whatever the reason, be it genetically related or otherwise, the fact is that many people react as badly to the antidepressant as they do the depression – in some cases, much worse..."

From - Risks and Dangers of Antidepressants



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  1. Back in those days the adults used cocaine, morphine, laudanum and other drugs quite a bit too. They don't generally teach that in school but our "forefathers" definitely used their drugs

  2. My granddad collected all sorts of old bottles and I recall seeing a few in his collection that had morphine listed on the label or stamped in the glass. So I knew people used that sort of thing but I had no idea that they gave it to the children! wow

  3. My husband's aunt had a lot of kids and she gave them paregoric when she wanted them to take a "nap". In the wings for back surgery now. Wonder where I can get me some laudanum?? LOL