Friday, April 15, 2011

Sincere Apologies That You Found This Page

I tried to hide this page by posting it on an unknown blog with no traffic. I have neglected this blog very badly. No one reads it anyway. Perhaps half a dozen people stumble across it in a month of days. Unfortunate people who mistyped a url or perhaps they were tricked. Either way it doesnt matter.

Today I will write a lament for those unfortunate folks who in their wanderings about on the super information highway have arrived at a dead end such as this. It would remind me of a good horror movie if I paid it too much mind so I will just continue typing and lets just see if any words come out.

Anyway without further delays or procrastinations I will present the lamentation here in just a few more minutes or two.

Hey y'all. First I apologize to you for the fact that you have found yourself marooned on this page. Second What the hell's wrong with you? I can't believe you read this drivel! I would have hit the back space after the first 3 or 4 words. You danged idiot aint you got nothing better to do? Go out and hug someone, smile at some nut, say hello to a bird, anything but just hit that back button and get out of here!

Or if you don't want to hit the back button right here is an excellent escape route to some funny stuff:

In A Van Down By The River


  1. I see spots help me please lardy help me I see spots I have read this nuts page and now I must go with the men in the white coats every one turn away before it is to late HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is really funny. A friend on facebook told me to check out this blog. Glad I did.